1. Banyan Score

DVN has a basic scoring system to provide a public rating service with standards, index systems, algorithms, publishing mechanisms, etc., for data sources, products, and services.

2. Banyan Wormhole

The DVN unified cleansing system provides services of data categorization and sorting, defect detection, optimization algorithms, complementary rules, etc., to quickly and efficiently standardize data packages and enhance usability.

3. Banyan TagLib

The DVN standard tagging system is equipped with data tag access, matching, and association mechanisms, etc. and provides cross-source, multi-dimensional combination, and joint tag usage services, based on data integration.

4. BanyanMaket

The DVN open application market is equipped with data supply recommendation, demand publishing, value matching, intermediate custody, etc., to provide an open application market based on data integration.

5. Banyan Security Suite

The DVN distributed security package is equipped with data governance, process management, risk assessment, certification marks, etc., to provide services of data security control for all participants.