August 22, 2018

Banyan Network hopes to become the world’s first Global Data Fusion Network, where large data sources will be fused and will be able to flow easily to customers who can benefit from this data.

Banyan Network has built a strong tightknit community that trusts us and truly believes in the project and we would like to continue growing our community globally by spreading word about our platform, which is why we are launching our new ambassador program.

Become an Ambassador

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about Banyan Network and who also share our belief in the future of blockchain technology. Specifically we are looking for:

1. Video makers and Article writers to spread awareness of Banyan Network;

2. People to help us recruit other ambassadors;

3. People to host and attend meetups within the local community and lead social marketing events;

And any crypto enthusiasts, traders, and influencers who believe they can help us promote our platform in other ways.

Benefits of Being a Banyan Network Ambassador

  • Rewarded with BBN
  • Access to the Banyan Network team
  • Attend conferences and events with the Banyan Network team (We are planning global road shows in the near future)
  • Other BBN goodies and much more…

If you are interested, please apply to be a Banyan Network ambassador here.

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