August 31, 2018

We are very excited to announce that we have acquired our first customer paying with BBN.

The customer will be paying with BBN for use of our DVN to serve the financial sector.

Our customer deposited a one time payment of 1.1 million BBN to access the following 13 data sources on the Banyan Network. (We have plugged in more data sources to our DVN that are not yet updated on our Medium. We will provide detailed information on these data sources in our DVN update 4 tomorrow.)

Query of Personal Consumption Portrait

Authentication of Bank Card

Authentication of Mobile Phone Number

Query of Positioning Spacing (Designated Address)

Query of Positioning Spacing (Designated Latitude and Longitude)

Query of Debt Information

Query of Lending Blacklist

Query of Lending Whitelist

Query of Overdue Loans

Comprehensive Loan Report

Loan Application Behaviour Report

Loan Credit Status Report

Loan Behaviour Report

The BBN income generated by our customers will enter a smart contract and will be locked for 1 year. At the end of the lock up period, the community gets to decide the fate of these BBN, either they re-enter to circulate in the market or become destroyed.

Banyan Network fans can follow the BBN income at the following address:

Customer Interface — Due to customer’s wishes, we have blanked out some information

The above image is our customer user interface displaying a summary of our first customer’s expenditures. This page shows which data sources have been accessed, the number of times each data source has been accessed and the BBN paid per data source. Due to our customer’s wishes, we have blanked out some information including the company name and the detailed breakdown of the data sources they are accessing.

Full Update here:

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