Banyan Network hopes to become the world’s first Global Data Fusion Network, where large data sources will be fused and will be able to flow easily to customers who can benefit from this data.

Help us spread the word about Banyan Network by participating in our Twitter Bounty Program!

  1. Register a Banyan Network Bounty Program account on and earn 10 BBN!
  2. Link your Twitter Account by direct messaging your participation code to @banyan_network on Twitter.
  3. You can begin retweeting and earning BBN!

Bounty Details:

Participants get rewarded BBN for retweeting @banyan_network account’s posts on Twitter. Only retweeting posts with the #BBNtwitterbounty will be rewarded. We invite all BBN fans on Twitter to participate.

50–499 followers = 10 BBN per retweet + like

500–1999 followers = 20 BBN per retweet + like

2000–4999 followers = 30 BBN per retweet + like

5000 + = 50 BBN per retweet + like


  • Must be following @banyan_network for entry to be valid
  • Only retweeting @banyan_network tweets with the #BBNtwitterbounty hashtag will earn BBN rewards. Retweeting tweets without this hashtag will not earn rewards.
  • Account must have minimum of 50 followers to be valid
  • Twitter profile must be real, accounts with fake followers will be disqualified
  • May only retweet a specific tweet one time.
  • Max three submissions per day
  • The Twitter Bounty starts October 13, 2018. Only @banyan_network tweets from this date onwards will be eligible for rewards

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