We have acquired our second customer paying with BBN. This time from the automobile big data industry.

The second customer is a public high tech company that is an industry leader in the automobile big data industry.

At present, the second customer has paid for 5 million BBN which will be used to access the following 5 super data source APIs:

  • Traffic Violations Query
  • Driver’s License Query
  • License Plate Query
  • Authentication of Bank Card
  • Authentication of Mobile Phone Number

Our customer pays in fiat and receives BBN tokens taken from our Ecosystem budget. The customer then deposits the BBN to the Banyan Data Platform account and BBN is billed for accessing our DVN APIs. The BBN income generated by our customer will enter a smart contract and will be locked until October 2019. At the end of the lock up period, the community gets to decide the fate of these BBN.

Banyan Network fans can follow the BBN income at the following address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x358fbc8e5368956c9308b17fa5f054771d365b98

The fiat income earned from our customer will be used to repurchase the same amount of BBN from the market and will be deposited into the Ecosystem budget of 2019. The BBN repurchase information will be disclosed quarterly in 2019.

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