What is BBNToken (BBN)

Banyan Network is a data value network based on blockchain technology. It is also the world’s first distributed ecosystem of data economies raised and built by all participants in the field of data analytics.
The value of DVN is based on “symbiosis, mutual benefits, common governance, and common prosperity.” The goal is to focus on blockchainenabled trusted data connection, third-party data integration and governance, data applications and open market development, building a positive interactive value-linked network of data benefits by establishing standards, providing channels, and issuing tokens.
DVN Token (BBN) is a token that provides support for the Banyan Network. Its usage scenarios include data access bonuses, data cleansing rewards, data usage payments, etc.
Official Website: www.banyanbbt.org

Lock-up rules for the private sale


The lock-up rules for the private sale are the following:
First 30% (120,000,000-130,000,000 BBN)
Locked until 2 weeks after the private sale close. (These are now circulating)

Next 30% (120,000,000-130,000,000 BBN)
Locked until 3 months after BBN is listed on the first exchange (Bibox). (After June 3rd, 2018)

Last 40% (160,000,000-180,000,000 BBN)
Locked until 6 months after BBN is listed on the first exchange (Bibox). (After September 3rd, 2018)

Banyan Network Basic Partner Recruitment Program(Private Sale)

The BBN cap is set at 1 billion token.

We are only doing private fundraising, no public fundraise.

The issue price is set around ¥0.3. The private fundraise is at 20% discount, at the price of ¥0.24 during the private fundraising period.

The range of private fundraise is between 50eth to 300eth/person.

We don’t accept any agent or large player greater than our fundraise range.

Our private round of fundraise is around 30% of our total token,roughly accepting 8500eth and we can close the round,definitely no raising more than 10000eth.

Finally,the private sale is from 13/01/2018,and closed on 19/01/2018.